About Us – Briones Closet

About Us

It’s Briones Closet LLC!! A Miami based company centered around dressing outside the box. A belief that no one should be confined to a particular style. Briones Closet is set out to allow for every woman to live in her truth. Create her unique trend.

 We want every woman to be what most are uncomfortable being. And that’s themselves. Women deserve to step out in style and confidence. We want every piece to speak to one’s identity. Accentuate every curve. But most importantly allowed for her to be comfortable and feel confident.

 Briones Closet was founded my Junie Paret. The youngest of five children. Born of immigrant parents. Junie’s mother migrated to the United Stated in the late 80’s in search of a better life for her and her children. As young Junie grew, her style was always one to draw attention. Masculine often met preppy and gave life to her vison. On her sewing machine she would create and piece together whatever came to mind. Heming and altering.  Growing up under three bothers Junie’s tomboyish style and love for clothes that read sex appeal. Junie had a flair for pulling off what most would consider distasteful. And like most women, Junie fell in love. Sadly, God had other plans. Junie’s great love was brutally murdered. So deeply rooted in sorrow she sought out to retain some form of him. She did so with his signature. Combining two loves. Briones Closet was created.

 Briones Closet is looking to expand as a brand. Build great customer rapport. And eventually transform from an e-commerce business into a brick and mortar empire. We want every customer to find strength in dark places. Beauty in sorrow. To look back at their reflection dressed in our pieces and say F the rest. It’s Briones Closet!! Hang it up!!!